About Us

About Us
After being involved with an orphanage in Haiti for more than 7 years, Life For Haiti was established to help create jobs in a country where unemployment is over 70%.

When you visit Haiti and see men and women just standing around with nothing to do it makes you wonder why this is happening. Then you realize it is because there are very few job opportunities available.

We want to create jobs using small simple tools or equipment that we can put into their hands. We can and we will always take food and clothing to Haiti, but after the food is consumed and the clothes wear out the people are right back where they were. When we can put something like a wheelbarrow in the hands of one man he can make a living using it as a delivery vehicle. Then he can begin to provide food and clothing for his family.

Life for Haiti wants to help change the lives of some Haitians by providing them an opportunity to change their life with a job.

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